Band: Gib&Tam
Written (lyrics) and composed (music) by Gibbran K. Rashid.
Outtro (lyrics) written by Tamsynn-Lee Isaacs
Produced and performed by G. Rashid and T. Isaacs
Arranged by G. Rashid, T. Isaacs and Bryant Didier
Recorded, engineered and mixed by B. Didier at B-Musique Studios
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering House

Vocals – G. Rashid, T. Isaacs
Guitar – G. Rashid
Drums – Kimio Oki, G. Rashid
Bass – Bryant Didier
Organ – John T. Davis
Hand percussion – T. Isaacs
Graphic Design by Crystal Garcia and T. Isaacs
Photography by Michael Adam Greene

Executive producers G. Rashid, T. Isaacs, Olive Rashid
Copyright and publishing Gibbran K Rashid & Tamsynn-Lee Isaacs 2019 All Rights Reserved.


Video Directed by: Gib&Tam
Filmed and Edited by: Duos http://www.duos.one/
Executive Producers: G Rashid & T Isaacs

Song: Brave
Band: Gib&Tam
Written (lyrics) by: Gibbran Rashid & Tamsynn-Lee Isaacs
Composed (music) by: Gibbran Rashid
Produced, Arranged and Performed by: G Rashid & T Isaacs
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by: Matthew Montour at Boxcar Sound Recording http://www.boxcarsoundrecording.com/ Mastered by: Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering http://www.lacquerchannel.com/

Vocals by: G Rashid & T Isaacs
Drums, Bass & Guitars by: G Rashid
Keys (piano), Synthesizer & Programming by: Matthew Montour
Tambourine by: T Isaacs

Executive Producers: G Rashid, T Isaacs & Olive Rashid Copyright & Publishing Gibbran K Rashid & Tamsynn-Lee Isaacs 2018 All rights reserved.

“As long as you need me to do my part, I will be brave”